Workflow/Business Process Management

Business process management Today's global economy operates in real time. Companies are constantly seeking ways to improve performance, react to changing market demands, and achieve its annual goals. In such dynamic environment continuous changes and improvemnts of business processes is a must. BPM solutions provided by code2b enable accuracy and reactivity crucial for your business. We focus on efficient solution enabling you to continually improve your business processes for achieving agility, cost effectiveness and compliance. 

Deployed solutions 

We deployed wide range of BPM solutions for our customers in following areas: 

  • Invoices processing (deployed on IBM WebSphere)
  • Purchase orders automation (deployed on IBM WebSphere)
  • Claims processing (deployed on JBoss ESB / jBPM)
  • Reports archival and distribution (deployed on IBM WebSphere)


Standard monitoring tools provided by BPM software vednors not always fit customer's usecase. code2b provides intuitive business activity monitoring interfaces tailored for your business cases. 

Our typical BPM solution consist of: 

  • Business case analysis
  • Process design
  • External systems integration
  • Custom business activity monitoring