Nearshore IT Outsourcing

Nearshore IT Outsourcing is an alternative to offshore options considering distance advantage. The nearshore value proposition becomes more attractive as higher project requirements become the norm rather than the exception. The deciding factor is managing risks.

Why nearshore?  
There are several reasons for using out-side services: someone can do something much better, than you and it is cheaper to buy these services than to make everything alone. Everything depends on the tasks you need to accomplish. On the scale there will be the cost, on the other ? quality/speed/security. 

Outsourcing - Operating model  
Successful nearshore arrangements requires intensive communiaction. It can be realized via person on site or at the very least schedule regular visits to the client site for requirements gathering, quality control and customer feedback. 
Skype and other internet communication services are used for the communication between the "front man" and the development team. All the knowledge collected on side is documented on WIKI pages accessed by customer and the development team. One of the main advantages of this model is the response time. Things can be corrected or fixed very quickly. 

Agile Outsourcing  
Beeing agile.  
Our goal is to deliver software faster by leveraging a vast talent pool at nearshore location with higher efficiency. 

Healthy communication is the core for efficient teams.  
For this we suggest a lot of seeding visits early in the project intended to create the relationships, and regular visits to maintain the relationships. Of course the idea of these visits is not to get work done but to get healthy relationships going between geographies. Communication can also be facilitated by having 'always on' communication machines across locations. 

For project work we have single code base for multi site development with continuous integration and delivery so that problems can surface out quickly and can be taken care of immediately.

By outsourcing your Software Development projects with CODE2B, you will increase your productivity and benefit from its know-how, drive and experience while reducing your costs. In addition, we strongly believe the quality is more important than cost savings when outsourcing IT. Do not understand us wrong, we aim for quality beacause if software lack quality it produces additional cost on support level a unwanted user experince.

Advantages of Nearshore Outsourcing:  

  • Geographic proximity
  • Our team has excellent technical and language skills(English, German).
  • European culture and time zone
  • Our nearshore outsourcing services closely follow the European standards for the IT dustry.
  • High level communication and infrastructure

Nearshore Developement 

Visual control = none of the problems are hidden.  
Our motto, everything should be visible to everyone on the team and yes this includes the client. We usually create a common product backlog for onsite and nearshore team, create a common burn down chart and issue log which is available for the client to report production issues and even look into our daily status. Jenkins continuous integration and delivery tool visually reports the status of a build with every push into GIT version control repository and a build announces the success or failure of a build. We decided to keep all visual information on our virtual team boards which are created on a wiki and then print out the relevant ones to paste on team walls. Project status is displayed on big screen located in team room.