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Geodetic services application

The new intranet application for adding requirements for geodetic work for VSE department.       


The new Geodetic services

We register nearly 1 000 requirements for execution geodetic work every year. Their evidence and administration depends on how the participants of the proces perform the tasks correctly and on time. The human factor enter to the game now. That’s why we made a decison to make an application, which can help to eliminate errors and keep watching it.

It has been launched the new intranet application called Geodetic services in half of May 2013, for adding requirements for geodetic work for VSE department. Now it is possible, add a requirement for geodetic work electronically via application. The whole registry and history is recorded in application with details – who and when made an action. Run of the reports is set to one button, that means, that it will create an overview of all orders with status information. The big advantage is email notification of users. 


The notification will remind them to required activity which they have to make and of course, inform them of the current status. 


Delivery time of post-implementation measurement and geometric plan depends on the real term of completion of construction. In past it was occurred a communication deficiencies of this term between the participants of the whole process. The result could be breach of required delivery term of geodetic documentation and subsequently hand over the construction delay. The application is linked to SAP and POBJ, and factory orders are generate semi-automatically. Unexpected challenge for supplier and especially for section of information a communication technology was connection to new data storage system ECM which was successfully iplement due to big effort.

Whom it will serve?

The main users are Enerkos department and department of Recovery and development of VN and NN networks, these services are also used by department of Property management and Power VVN and VN station.

Thank you

I would like to say thank you to everyone involved at the project for excellent collaboration and I wish to users of application to bring them all what we expect from this application – simplification of work, immediate overview of the orders status and meet deadlines every time.


Andrej Šverha

department of Geografic and technical data management

GIS - Geographic Information System

The management of processing tasks and requirements for management personnel of network data.

Risk Tool

VSE risk management tool, which is used for conclusion the new contracts with customers. The system for calculation of credit exposure, expected loss and Credit Risk Premium.

Sales Portal

Project for ensuring fast and single access to informations for personnel in sale department.

EOF – Electronic Circulation of Invoices

The list of received and sent invoices, reports and administration.

ETRA – Evidence of Transformers

The support of establishment, transfer, repair and disposal processes. The system is integrated with SAP and GIS systems.

Posting diary

Post evidence and administration.

MDC (Monitoring of Data Center)

The main objective of MDC is software design and implementation for consolidated MDC of VSE. System displays information about data center status as temperature, air conditioning status and electricity energy consumption.

Supplied Portal

Information exchange system between suppliers and sponsors for individual project.












The Constitutional Court web site

Redesigned web site for Constitutional Court of Slovak Republic.

The web site serves for publish news, informations for citizens, expressions, decisions and statments of President of the Constitutional Court.

The main objective was connection between web site and content management system. Each department manages its own part of web portal and so, it is not necessary to manage web site centrally.







Knowledge Base

System for customer call center which contain information needed to solve problems and   requirements.



X4 BPM Suite

X4 BPM Suite is strategic product of SoftProject GmbH company which has a successful market position and it’s still continues to develop. There are a few tools for design, implementation, integration, management and documenting of manufacturing and business processes in planning business activities department within company. 

With this unique solution is entry to the modeling sphere and business processes realization considerably facilitated.






Východoslovenská  energetika, a.s.



Ness KDC, s.r.o.



RWE Transgas, a.s.




Intas, s.r.o.


WOM a.g.



SoftProject GmbH


The Constitutional Court  of the Slovak Republic


Dupres Consulting, s.r.o.



 Nafta, a.s.

Stengl, a.s.



 Trenčianska univerzita Alexandra Dubčeka v Trenčíne